Humble Beginnings 
Endless Ambition

The West-O International Group brings together truly exceptional businesses & people. Each of them provides products and services, that embody the humble yet driven nature of our founder, a leader who detested negativity and was committed to preserving individuality and integrity, in all that we conduct ourselves in. 

Today, the group's primary vocation is to oversee and encourage the healthy development of it's subsidiaries, whilst identifying new verticals to further accelerate the group's recognition. Every stakeholder who engages  within the West-O Group, adopts the same, shared values that our founder maintained, from the outset.

Office Building


The West-O Group has successfully preserved the group value, spirits and values for the past years, and expresses with the same intent, to continue doing so over the coming years. The Group's management are actively developing the group's activities, by identifying appropriate industries to enter, as well as expanding the existing group subsidiaries. 

The Group continues to support it's subsidiaries, whilst respecting their identities and their autonomy, providing only the resources needed to produce, and market their products & services, through carefully selected channels globally. 




Wish. To Wish, is to believe, to believe is to manifest into reality. Our Founder wished to impact the lives of consumers across the globe - in a positive manner. He wished, he believed and he did. Today each and every one of us, wish without limit to reach our goals as a group & as individuals.


Embody. Embodiments demand respectful consideration and self-examination. West-O Group embodies the skills and abilities of each and every team member, and celebrates these by cultivating their development. Working together, making each other feel valued and respected. 


Spirit. Forever upkeep the Entrepreneurial Spirit, never be undermined by the constraints inflicted by human negativity. Strive for excellence in all that you do, and forever kindle the true spirit within you, so that where you may fail, you still learn and realise you need to pick yourself up. 


Tolerant. Each and every individual is tolerant towards each other. Respecting each other's views and ideologies whilst ensuring that personal views do not interact or become involved in the workplace or when working on behalf of the Group. Tolerance is more than just acceptance. 


Observant. Proactive in the way we conduct ourselves. Preventing damage and ensuring safe & secure supply of products & services to our valued customers and partners. Observing and showing  diligence in the way we operate our business.