Our Business


Consumer Hygiene

West-O Hygiene Solutions is the group's, well-established, and original business activity. Operating two sites, manufacturing world-class consumer hygiene products, which are available across the United Kingdom, as well as throughout the GCC Region, West-O Hygiene is the partner of choice for hundreds of businesses and retailers across the globe. Specialists in the Consumer Hand Hygiene Sector, enriching the market with highly respected products since incorporation.

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Bottled Water

English Pure Spring Water is the official hydration brand of the West-O International Group of Companies. Available in various express stores across the UK, English is the must-have classic natural mineral water that you need on your dining table. In various pack sizes, ranging from 330ml to 2ltr, to commercial sizes such as 20ltrs, English is the ultimate, modern, natural water of choice for thousands of consumers. Manufactured in world-class facilities, where the upmost care and attention is spent in upkeeping quality .

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Fuel Distribution

As a result of a strategic partnership with a global, oil giant, Arrius Petroleum is the group's Fuel Distribution arm, that operates largely across the UK and parts of Europe, with headquarters in Switzerland. 

Arrius Petroleum supplies refined petroleum products of the highest quality, combined with 5-star customer service, and reliable product delivery to a wide range of customers, including Forecourts, Supermarkets, Aviaition Companies and many more. Arrius is rapidly becoming a highly-valued fuel distributor in the industry.  


UK Logistics

Arrius Petro-Logistics is the dedicated liquid bulk transportation service, committed to providing timely deliveries for the customers of Arrius Petroleum. Aswell, as supporting our petroleum distribution business, Arrius Petro Logistics, works on contractual or Ad-hoc terms with other oil companies, to provide the final mile delivery to their partners across the UK. Arrius Petro-Logistics is fast-becoming, a highly-valued component of our day-to-day operations in our petroleum business.