West-O Group

West-O International Group is an emerging holdings company which operates various businesses across the UK.  We are committed to becoming a recognised organisation.

About Us

West-O International Group of Companies, is the registered holdings company of various subsidiaries. Since 2018, our portfolio has grown from a Hygiene Supplies Company, to interests in Transportation, Bottled Water & Petroleum.


Although we may be youthful in age, we are making massive advancements forward everyday in each of the industries we operate in, with the same drive & commitment that we had when we started. 

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Our Values


We encourage an inclusive business culture, where differences are respected and mutual understanding implemented. We care about one another & go out of our way to support one another as we work towards one shared goal. From material suppliers to service providers to our customers, West-O is committed to promoting the best level of respect and integrity, whilst remaining professional and at all times attentive. 

We believe that all stakeholders in our business should cooperate with us to fulfil our aim in being able to conduct a disciplined yet smooth operations. 


We understand that our people and their ideas can make a massive impact on our community, and that by allowing them to voice their ideas, we can access a reservoir of opportunities unknown to ourselves. That's why we acknowledge the meaningful contributions of our stakeholders to the growth & success of our group, and highlight their commitment, to further strengthen our relationships. By collaborating with our partners, on terms that work for both parties, and maintain an open gateway for communication, we are able to keep everyone happy to be working with West-O. 


We foster the United Kingdom's vision to cultivate new opportunities to boost our economy and enhance the trade between nations across the globe. As a result, everyday we strive to grow our reach to new territories, and build strong relationships that deliver results for our economy. Our dynamic mindset allows us to be disruptors for change in our industries and remain as a consistent innovator, with new services, new products and better standards in place. West-O works hand-in-hand with key stakeholders to strive for the pure excellence that our customers expect.

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"I am motivated to expand West-O's reach across the globe, to new territories, to new markets, to give each and every customer the products & services they need"

Tom Thomas, MD